How We Work?

At your free, no obligation assessment, we discuss exactly what you want:

  • the amount of wear expected How we Work? Asthma Safe, Pet-Friendly Products, Clean Green Planet & Child – Safe Products in Croydon
  • the finish you require
  • the ‘look’ and atmosphere you wish to create
  • the maintenance you are prepared to undertake
  • the time we estimate to do the job

All leading to a firm quote based on our fixed prices.

All furniture must be removed. We can do this for you. Please discuss during your free assessment.Commited to the Environment in Croydon

Sanding is a noisy and messy process and produces dust. Old fashioned drum sanders create considerable microscopic dust particles which can hang around for days. Our modern continuous belt machinery with its attached mobile extraction unit ensures that the job is virtually dust free. Some dust is inevitable, but we minimize this by masking/screening and frequent vacuuming.

This gives you a safer environment in homes and commercial buildings.

We also use edging sanders and fine tools to get right into the corners for a complete and even sanding.